Radiohead: LP7 delayed, contains kids performing, and more

I’ve tried to avoid blogging on Radiohead’s forthcoming album (hereafter known as LP7), partially because I’ve wanted to avoid looking a little over-excited about it, and partially because everyone else is doing it anyway, so why do you need me? But at last I’ll momentarily break my “Radio-silence” (excuse pun) and drop a couple of items:

  • It’s late. It hit the rumour mill a few days ago, but it looks like it’s pretty much confirmed: the new album will not be released until 2008. This kind of sucks because from many reports it would seem the album is done and just needs to find a label and distributor.
  • The kids get involved. In a move which I’ll dare to speculate is influenced by all of the band members entering fatherhood in the last 5 years, this will be the first Radiohead album to feature child performers. Don’t worry, they’re not putting together some kind of schmaltzy duet with an 8 year old choir. Instead, they got a bunch of young music students from the Matrix Music School to record some clapping, and you can check out the site for photos ‘n’ stuff. And purist music snobs, get a load of this: they recorded the event with an MBox 2. Take that!

And for those of you sitting up the back and not paying attention, you can get a 60 seconds catch up by checking out the clip uploaded by Nigel a while back containing chopped up tape of the new songs

2 responses to “Radiohead: LP7 delayed, contains kids performing, and more

  1. Ah damn kids. Except Short Round of course.

  2. still doesn’t make me like mbox 2′s better. The 1 rule forever. wait to you use mine. they’re amazing.

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