Scissor Lock / Cassius Select – Split E.P.

I can’t stop spinning this new 12″ – the final to be released from the excellent DIY collective The Finer Things. They had an exceptional run over the last couple of years with some excellently memorable, unique gigs and some great releases. Can’t wait to see what the collective members do next as I’m sure there’ll be plenty to come.

But onto the music – a split from long time buddies Marcus Whale (of Collarbones) and Lavurn Lee (also performs as Guerre), who have collaborated previously in a variety of other guises including the near-debaucherously brilliant Black Vanilla.

Marcus’ side is a slow, meditative journey with dramatic, intensifying atmosphere, slow beats and obscured vocal textures, while Lavurn is slowly reconciling his signature vocals back into the relatively abstract world of Cassius Select’s shuffling, uptempo beat framework.

Buy the vinyl. It’s an extremely limited run, sounds phenomenal and it deserves to be treasured in many collections.

Purchase / stream at Bandcamp

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