The Gate update

For anyone that’s been keeping a casual eye on what we’ve been doing with The Gate via this blog, just wanted to give you a heads-up that I’ll no longer be posting updates on that project here.

If you’re keen to stay connected with what’s happening in that universe, I recommend heading over and following The Gate’s tumblr. We’ve already announced a couple of new projects in the last couple of weeks and, all going well, we should have plenty more to talk about in the not-too-distant future!

The Gate Presents: Live in the Front Yard

Merry Christmas! I’m normally a complete grinch at this time of year, but I’m shedding my seasonal curmudgeonly ways and getting into the spirit of giving. And blogging, for that matter! (don’t fall off your chair)

We’ve just released a video series of acoustic live performances called “Live in the Front Yard“, featuring The Paper Scissors, Valar, Tash Parker and Lessons In Time. The performances were shot in between soundchecks before our last show at The Gate. Masterfully directed by Matt Davis, they’re some wonderful performances by some wonderful acts that you owe it to yourself to get amongst. Enjoy!

The Paper Scissors

The Gate Goes Chill

We’ve had some overwhelmingly amazing gigs at The Gate in the last few months – I’m very grateful to both bands and punters for making the events special. Having got a few nights under our belt, though, we’ve decided to make sure we don’t quickly settle into just doing the same old thing every month.

So – for October, instead of our usual live music event in the evening, we’ve decided to have a go at a daytime, all-afternoon BBQ all based around the little musically minded community that seems to have emerged around the venue.

To set the tone of the day we’ve called on some people with a reputation for fine musical tastes to DJ at the event, meaning you get awesome food and an opportunity to hear a wide variety of music both old and new.

Come and chill!

The Gate Goes Chill
October 30th, 1-7pm
$5 donation includes all day BBQ
RSVP and information here

With sets by:
Telafonica DJs //
Andrew Maxam (from Liquid Electric on FBi Radio) //
Philippe Perez (from The Band Next Door on 2SER) //
DJ Jez //

The Gate: August 14 – Guineafowl, Alps, Karoshi

I promise this blog hasn’t just been relegated to being a PR device for The Gate … really, I promise! But bear with me while my schedule settles down… and I indulge myself in posting another reminder about our next gig.

Really excited about this Saturday’s gig. We’ve got local rising stars Guineafowl headlining, along with the one and only Alps of Newcastle/New South Wales/The World and downtempo/glitch-pop maestro Karoshi. I’m really pleased to have such a diverse set of music represented here, and I think there’s going to be something great for everyone to discover.

This will all be happening this Saturday and costs a $10 donation at the door, all of which goes to support the artists after costs. If you’re keen to come along, make sure you reserve your spot on the doorlist!

By the way, thanks to everyone who got along to last month’s show with Betty Airs, Border Thieves and Yae!Tiger. Was an amazing night, and you owe it to yourselves to catch all of those bands at a show soon. Gem has posted some photos of the night which will give you a feel for what went down.

The Gate: July 24 – Betty Airs, Border Thieves, Yae!Tiger

[ enlarge poster ]

Just a quick post with an update on the next gig for The Gate which, if you missed my previous post, is a new backyard venue I’m starting. This particular lineup was collaboratively conceived and organised with Jonny from Polaroids of Androids and it’s looking to be a fair barnstormer.

It’ll take place on the 24th of July and will cost you a mere $5. Check the website to read up on the bands or register for the gig (an RSVP is required).

The Gate’s been a bit of a busy hobby the last few days, mostly due to word of it spreading a lot faster than I was anticipating. It all started with an unexpected news article on FasterLouder and then went on from there. Seeing the wide variety of responses (most of which have been incredibly positive and encouraging) has been a real buzz, and I’m really grateful to anyone that has offered their advice, enthusiasm or interest.