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Three Lads

28 January 2024 @ 17:43
ARSE at Psyched As AE-1 / Fujifilm 400

Ever think about how we got from Dan Cunningham's soaring, angelic vocals of Parades or Light Giant's Waste of Wine to our present day in the space of a decade? Now that's artistic evolution.

Psyched As. Fest 2024

28 January 2024 @ 13:39
Crowd at Psyched As. Fest 2024 Sydney Portugal Community Club, 28/01/24. Shot on AE-1 and Fujifilm 400.

Fun day yesterday at Psyched As! Perfect crowd, perfect location, solid production, ran largely on time, excellent pizza, top marks. Nice one team 👍

Caitlin At Lazy Thinking Live 22/01/24

28 January 2024 @ 09:06
Caitlin Shot on AE-1 and Kodak TMax 400 pushed +1

Love what Lazy Thinking are doing in Dulwich Hill. This photo was taken at the second show of their first season of Lazy Thinking Live (go check it out) in 2024 featuring TRAUMASQUAD, Eko Atari, LILPIXIE and Devaura. Super fun afternoon.

Unfortunately low light in the space with intensely bright backlighting from through the front window meant I don't have much worth sharing from the performances, but this pic of Caitlin is cute.

Chrome DevTools Doesn't Stop Turning Up Surprises

23 January 2024 @ 09:06
"Capture node screenshot" in Chrome DevTools

Discovering this feature sped up production of SydneyMusic's daily Instagram stories to an insane degree. Wonder what other life-saving hacks are buried in there.

We're also using the Stylebot browser extension to reformat the guide to the story presentation format.

SydneyMusic Gig Guide Update Soundtrack #1

23 January 2024 @ 00:03

Every Monday night is gig guide update night, and I have a new loft workspace which I'm happy to report is a fantastic place to get shit done. My humble KRKs and mixing desk are plugged in, and I can focus - except for when I decide to start blogging.

So anyway, updating the gig guide: there's heaps going on! 80 manually sourced gigs added this evening, and I'm expecting that there'll probably be that again for the scraped gigs. Probably tackle that another night.

Today the Gig Guide Update Soundtrack was ...

• Rival Consoles - Coda (Single) [Bandcamp]

No idea why RC popped into my head as I sat down to update, but I'm glad it did. This is the UK producer's latest single from mid-2023, and it's a fleeting, gorgeous little bit of 5am party magic - a gorgeously warped and distorted synth droning in woozy shape-shifting repetition, before a beat fades into view ... I'm getting first-hint-of-sunrise energy.

• Annabelle Scobie - cat allergy (Single) [YouTube]

I hadn't really clicked onto AS until GIRLINEORA's debut show the other night. She then guested at LILPIXIE's excellent set at Lazy Thinking (what a space!!) yesterday afternoon, and I'm starting to get some context now. Her production is incredible - ranges all over the map, but is a heavily DI bedroom pop-filtered lens referencing anything from 90s indie rock and shoegaze to cloud rap and UK garage revival. This track is where I started when Caitlin mentioned she'd been rinsing it since it came out. It packs a lot into its 1m39s running time.

... which took me down a wormhole of Scobie's other tracks and production work to another GIRLINEORA band member ...

• Cherry Rype - Crying At The Rave (Single) [YouTube]

I'd passively heard some tracks but hadn't tuned into Cherry Rype (there is so much music all the time). Love this. Her Goodgirlsgetluvbombed LP is an ambitious, lush, genre-blending journey that covers some serious ground thematically and sonically. But here's "Crying At The Rave" - another heavily UK two step-indebted pop sugar rush that's a perfect light-trails-on-the-super-8 number.

And here, have a surprise Loopsnake (!!) dub of the same track [YouTube] that I had no that the idea that the legend turned in. Miss you Maxam.

• Repo Man - Repo Man (LP) [Bandcamp]

Gigantic, melodramatic, 'verbed-out post-punk. See them playing around town a bit with the likes of Zeahorse, PEEL, The Laurels - you know the deal. They're good. Think the drama and atmosphere of The Chameleons, with a dash of the morbidity of Bauhaus, you could even pick up some of Echo & The Bunnymen's more out-there moments. This 2021 album's positively dripping in VST reverb, but the band uses the murk to keep things broody and intense to excellent effect. If you'd like a completely unrelated bonus, there's a Seoul artist with the same name that is producing absolutely demented lo-fi tapes that I also can't recommend highly enough.