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Congrats, you've googled my name or clicked on a link from a social media profile and - zomg - here you are.

This page represents some of what I do / talk about online (it's mostly for me to remind myself, just in case I forget)

Much of my activity online was historically based around music, which I've briefly summarised on this page.

Presently much of my time is spent on projects in the digital / online technology space.

Musical Work

The Gate (2010-2013)
A little project that started in our backyard, but evolved into a collective of people passionate about putting on live music in unusual places. We had the opportunity to do shows in backyards, rooftops, warehouses, coffee shops and plenty more. There are too many wonderful bands and musicians to list but it was nice to help promote some really great artists during an incredibly fertile time for Australian music. Seeing where many of those artists and community participants have gone next is thrilling. Here's a bit of an overview / history of the whole thing.
Other Music
I continue to do various amounts of show or artist promotion, production oversight or assistance, lighting design and operation, DJing, etc etc. Hit me up if you would like to talk about that.
Remixes, Production, Writing, etc
A smattering of work for Gotye, Telafonica, The Basics, The Familiars, Tokenview and a few others but that was all a long time ago

Technology Work

My background is in the technical sphere, which all began as a kid coding for fun. I saved up for my first copy of Visual Basic by busking with a guitar in the mall (true story). My first client was a music shop that had me build their first website for $100 in store credit. (I think I bought a MIDI interface and a bunch of guitar strings?)

I started to properly poke my head into the commercial domain around the time of the first dotcom bubble boom / burst (insert popcorn.gif)

Over time, I've become more interested in the more human-oriented aspects of technology: the aesthetic, relational and practical. I've chanelled these interests into leading software delivery that prioritises these attributes for what's being built.

Currently Employment
Southern Cross Austereo
(Head of Digital Development)
Worked with / for / on behalf of
Industracom, Universal Music (formerly EMI), Praxa/IncNet, SSW, Seven West Media, Code Club Australia, Agency (formerly Streetline Media), Spyk Software, WorleyParsons, Microsoft, Johnson & Johnson Medical, Junkee Media (formerly The Sound Alliance) + + +