Nothing’s better than getting a reminder of how much pure brilliance there is to be unearthed in Sydney’s music scene if only you look hard enough. Telafonica, for example, were previously unknown to me before this week but have now rapidly found a place on my “bands to watch” list via their new single entitled “The Quest For Love Aboard the Belafonte”.

The tune is a gorgeous 4 minute abstract pop piece – assembled using a lush palette of pianos, synths, guitars and a fractured, clattering assortment of rhythmic elements. Lyrically, it follows a first-person narrative of a girl’s hazard-prone voyage seemingly motivated by a quest for love. It has a bittersweet theme, which is reflected in the arrangement’s progression – instead of a continuous build, it does the opposite as it pulls apart piece by piece until all that’s left are sparse, reflective and yet deliberate components.

The single release features 3 remixes all of which are enjoyable listens: a quirky 8-bit Actual Russian Brides interpretation, an (excellent) dubstep-meets-ambient-glitch take by Koroshi and the band’s own epic treatment which is a demented journey through a melting pot of abstract early-90s electronic genres at their most acid-infused.

Best of all the release is completely free, which means there is absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t get on over and pick it up. Keep an eye out for the album (entitled Love on the Second Stair) when it drops in “about a month”, according to the band.

The band also has a tune on the excellent New Weird Australia compilation, which you should also definitely make time to get amongst.

Upcoming Telafonica gigs:

  • October 30, 2009 – UTS Loft Bar w/ Deadbeatz and Subsketch
  • November 14, 2009 – Mars Hill Cafe, Parramatta – Album Launch Show w/ Charles Buddy Daaboul

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