Tropics – Soft Vision

Just the tiniest bit addicted to this tune from Tropics (a.k.a. Chris Ward) at the moment – an instrumental that fuses some lovely introspective ambience with a big 80s synth-pop underpinning. The video is very much a classic woozy psychedelic treatment – didn’t really add a lot to the track in my opinion, but enjoy the tune.

His Soft Vision EP contains three tracks, all very worthwhile and each exploring different territory – so I heartily commend taking advantage of the strong Aussie dollar and scoring a cheap download (AUD$4 at the time of writing) or 12″ copy of the tunes.

I hear word that an LP is not far away, so keep your ears open for new stuff from this universe. I’m expecting good things.

2 responses to “Tropics – Soft Vision

  1. This is a nice track. Thanks for sharing

  2. Very beautiful song.. i love this song and the video.

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