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SydneyMusic Gig Guide Update Soundtrack 29/01/24

29 January 2024 @ 23:55

128 gigs added to the guide this week - this time mostly sourced from our scrapers. Thanks as always to Darsh for chucking a few discoveries into the mix!

If you have some scripting skills and feel like tackling some data structures, we could use your contributions! For a reference schema, take a look at our destination data structure (this is where we key in the gigs before importing it to Contentful via a simple node.js script)

* * *

Today's Gig Guide Update Soundtrack contains minimalist meanderings, contemplative textures, and spectral jazz.

• Bibio - Phantom Brickworks IV & V (EP) [Bandcamp]

Seem to have a pattern of starting these update evenings by looking for a nice long, minimalist piece - perhaps to clear my head from the day that's been - and this was today's.

Which, speaking of - I forgot to mention in last week's post that I started that evening with Yo La Tengo's Night Falls On Hoboken.

• Microfiche - Live at 107 (Residency Highights) (LP) [Bandcamp]

Gorgeous compilation of live highlights recorded in Redfern, featuring a number of guests - Bonniesongs, Sia Ahmed, Chris Abrahams, Phil Slater.

• Jeremy Cunningham, Dustin Laurenzi, Paul Bryan - A Better Ghost (LP) [Bandcamp]

This knocked me sideways when I first came across it - beautiful ambient (but approachable) jazz with a strong melodic sensibilities. It doesn't hurt having all of those beds of texture formed from effected loops and OP-1 patterns bubbling away underneath.

• Blue Divers - II (LP) [Bandcamp]

Sparse, repeated electric guitar and synth motifs from this Wollongong collective with layers of loose improvisations contributed remotely by various collaborators - hushed, mesmerising, contemplative. Would have played this to my kids if I had this around when they were babies - they just got Beach House, Brian Eno and Helios instead. Released on Bedroom Suck Records.

Dulwich Hill Experimental Music Series "Ms. Kitteridge & Bok Choy"

29 January 2024 @ 18:46

It's phenomenal to see that this Dully improvisational jazz and experimental music series is continuing into 2024.

Ms. Kitteridge & Bok Choy is a series of shows run by Living Room Theatre and their latest line-up of shows is an absolute belter.

Check the full line-up here - includes the likes of Laurence Pike's absolutely brilliant quartet BELIEVE, the sublime Microfiche, Monica Brooks [this Wednesday, don't snooze], and a quartet that has members of Microfiche as well as The Buoys' Hilary Geddes - there's heaps more, go take a look.

World-class stuff in in Sydney's suburbs on an ordinary Wednesday. We love to see it.

If this sort of stuff floats your boat, don't sleep on Monday Night Confessions at Church St Studios in Camperdown as well.

Three Lads

28 January 2024 @ 17:43
ARSE at Psyched As AE-1 / Fujifilm 400

Ever think about how we got from Dan Cunningham's soaring, angelic vocals of Parades or Light Giant's Waste of Wine to our present day in the space of a decade? Now that's artistic evolution.

Psyched As. Fest 2024

28 January 2024 @ 13:39
Crowd at Psyched As. Fest 2024 Sydney Portugal Community Club, 28/01/24. Shot on AE-1 and Fujifilm 400.

Fun day yesterday at Psyched As! Perfect crowd, perfect location, solid production, ran largely on time, excellent pizza, top marks. Nice one team 👍

Caitlin At Lazy Thinking Live 22/01/24

28 January 2024 @ 09:06
Caitlin Shot on AE-1 and Kodak TMax 400 pushed +1

Love what Lazy Thinking are doing in Dulwich Hill. This photo was taken at the second show of their first season of Lazy Thinking Live (go check it out) in 2024 featuring TRAUMASQUAD, Eko Atari, LILPIXIE and Devaura. Super fun afternoon.

Unfortunately low light in the space with intensely bright backlighting from through the front window meant I don't have much worth sharing from the performances, but this pic of Caitlin is cute.