Big life news! I've quit Nine and am making myself available as a consultant.

* * *

My mission for this year is to make viable. It’s proven itself to be a valuable community resource, now we need to make sure it can be sustainable.

I intend to achieve that by developing an operating model and securing funding for the organisation that allows it to thrive and grow to the next stage.

We presently spend about 20 hours a week making SydneyMusic work. This includes updating the gig guide, responding to emails, curating the playlist, maintenance on the website - the list goes on. Unfortunately alongside a full-time day job, that doesn’t leave a lot of time to work on anything other than looking after the project’s core needs.

* * *

To fund my journey and enable more flexibility to solve this challenge, I have quit full-time work and am making myself available for consulting engagements with the skills that have defined my career to date.

The buzz term is “fractional CTO” - really, I’m just available to bring my skills in strategy and team leadership to help you with your needs.

If that sounds interesting to you, my skills, experience and contact details are here.