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Setlist: Lazy Thinking 24/04/2024

25 April 2024 @ 21:09

Had a fun night warming up Lazy Thinking Late before performances by Chonzu and Hayden Moon. Both were incredible - do check out their stuff.

Here's what I played:

  • Grasps - To Be Faced One Day With Great Relief [from forthcoming record "When Will You Be Here Again?"]

  • Nosaj Thing - Process

  • Julie Byrne - Natural Blue

  • HTRK - Feels Like Love

  • Hugh B - Low Pressure Dub

  • Jeff Mills & 戸川純 - Contradiction - The Ātman In Brahman [Long Radio Mix]

  • Ilex - What is Soft is also Strong

  • Kelela - Contact [Karen Nyame KG Remix]

  • Thomas Gray & Liam Ebbs - Heatherbrae

  • Four Tet - Gliding Through Everything

  • Ghoul - Swimming Pool (Remix)

  • HTRK - Bendin

  • Not Waving - Define Normal

  • Charli XCX - Track 10

  • Anthony Naples - Devotion [SSL Mix]

  • Daniel Avery & Alessandro Cortini - Illusion Of Time

  • Dick Diver - Percentage Points

  • Lavurn - Hardcore

  • Seekae - Crooks

  • Wilma Archer - Last Sniff [ft. MF Doom]

  • Powell - servenofunction, 19

  • Paris Texas - DnD [ft. Kenny Mason]

  • Boards of Canada - Music Is Math

  • Grasps - Like Nothing [also from above forthcoming record]

  • Jeremy Cunningham, Dustin Laurenzi & Paul Bryan - Everything

  • Dawn Richard & Spencer Zahn - Sandstone

  • Joy Orbison - better [ft. Léa Sen]

Bayang (tha Bushranger)

24 April 2024 @ 11:59
Bayang (tha Bushranger) Shot on the rooftop carpark of the Canterbury League Club
Bayang (tha Bushranger) AE-1 / Fujifilm 400
Bayang (tha Bushranger) AE-1 / Fujifilm 400

Wooft, best of intentions for blogging, worst of results. Need to get back to this!

This is a very quick shoot Harry and I did alongside an interview that ran on SydneyMusic.

Perspex @ Studio 178 2/3/24

11 March 2024 @ 08:45
Perspex at Studio 178, 2/3/24 AE-1 / Fujifilm 400 and insane amounts of humidity

Maia Toakley @ Evening Records 4th Birthday 9/3/24

10 March 2024 @ 17:27
Maia Toakley, live at the Petersham Bowlo 9/3/24 AE-1 / Cinestill 800T

Congrats Evening Records! A packed PBC with delightful vibes. Really lovely occasion.

Leichhardt Sunset x Current Energies

10 March 2024 @ 17:03
Leichhardt Sunset x Current Energies AE-1 / Fujifilm 400 double exposure

Had a film mishap yesterday which resulted in this fun accident.

First exposure taken somewhere in a neighbourhood street in Leichhardt.

Second exposure is from the absolutely brilliant mini-festival Current Energies, an International Women's Day celebration curated by Mara Schwerdtfeger. Whole lineup was phenomenal. Go check out the artists: Joyce Hinterding, (can't find a link for Szem), Verna Bloom, Holly Conner / ilex, Del Lumanta, Jacqui O'Reilly. Shouts to the incredible Church St Studios for hosting.