128 gigs added to the guide this week - this time mostly sourced from our scrapers. Thanks as always to Darsh for chucking a few discoveries into the mix!

If you have some scripting skills and feel like tackling some data structures, we could use your contributions! For a reference schema, take a look at our destination data structure (this is where we key in the gigs before importing it to Contentful via a simple node.js script)

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Today's Gig Guide Update Soundtrack contains minimalist meanderings, contemplative textures, and spectral jazz.

• Bibio - Phantom Brickworks IV & V (EP) [Bandcamp]

Seem to have a pattern of starting these update evenings by looking for a nice long, minimalist piece - perhaps to clear my head from the day that's been - and this was today's.

Which, speaking of - I forgot to mention in last week's post that I started that evening with Yo La Tengo's Night Falls On Hoboken.

• Microfiche - Live at 107 (Residency Highights) (LP) [Bandcamp]

Gorgeous compilation of live highlights recorded in Redfern, featuring a number of guests - Bonniesongs, Sia Ahmed, Chris Abrahams, Phil Slater.

• Jeremy Cunningham, Dustin Laurenzi, Paul Bryan - A Better Ghost (LP) [Bandcamp]

This knocked me sideways when I first came across it - beautiful ambient (but approachable) jazz with a strong melodic sensibilities. It doesn't hurt having all of those beds of texture formed from effected loops and OP-1 patterns bubbling away underneath.

• Blue Divers - II (LP) [Bandcamp]

Sparse, repeated electric guitar and synth motifs from this Wollongong collective with layers of loose improvisations contributed remotely by various collaborators - hushed, mesmerising, contemplative. Would have played this to my kids if I had this around when they were babies - they just got Beach House, Brian Eno and Helios instead. Released on Bedroom Suck Records.